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THEME: Axis 1 - Description of activities and actions for both teacher and students

In PEGASE website, the type of teaching that is proposed, especially at upper secondary school, is designed and structured on the basis of choices on how physics and chemistry work and on explicit learning hypotheses (see axis 2).

These choices, which are always in agreement with the official curricula, have led us:
- to structure the main concepts, skills, procedures consistently with the situations and experiments with which they are introduced.
- to design progressions that take into account students’ prior knowledge on concepts, situations and language involved the teaching situations.

Thus, we designed several types of teaching activities:
1. those that enable students to mobilize their everyday knowledge and their physics knowledge that was already acquired. These activities aim at helping students to identify and / or describe the observable events and features relevant to the theoretical parts that will be introduced later on (see especially here);
2. those that aim at helping students to construct relationships between events and data collected during the experiment and theoretical elements (see in particular the “makers” "place of model"); this is particularly the case of activities which require the design of protocols;
3. those that aim at helping students to construct relationships between theoretical elements.

In all these types of activities, the students can be asked to make predictions, even if it is not always possible depending on the elements of knowledge involved or the possible experiments. The variety of these types of activities enables students to become aware of how physics and chemistry work, of the variety of types of knowledge and the variety of approaches.
In this axis 1, we provide information on teacher’s and student’s wok in order to be consistent with the activities proposed to students.

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